Photo Retouching Prices

This page includes our price list for all services we provide. If you were looking for professional retouch for cheap price, you found the perfect place.  You pay for the services by American dollars but we can accept international charges via PayPal. 

High End Retouching Level Every professional photographer worked with this style of modern post processing.
If you work in magazine or fashion photography industry, you know the meaning of the word “High End”.
This word combination can be understood as something higher in price and of better quality than most others. It will suit those who need a deep image post processing but do not have enough time for it by their own.
The rate for exactly this type is higher because the digital retouchers pay additional attention to a lot of details.
It requires more time spent by the retoucher on each of your images.
High End will definitely touch all the photograph’s angles – skin and body, color & balance change, background improving and adding High Dynamic Range effects.
This master package consists of many techniques, that’s why its fee is $25 per image.
(a pixel resolution of 640 × 480 pixels)

In order to produce a photo quality 4″x6″ print we need a file resolution of 6″x 300ppi  =1800 pixels across the width and 4″x 300ppi=1200 pixels in height. Therefore we prefer a file resolution of about 1800×1200 or higher for optimum 4×6 prints.
This resolution would require a 2.1 megapixel digital camera (1800×1200=2.1 million pixels).
A quality 8×10 print would need an image file with a resolution of 3000×2400 or higher. Smaller resolution files can be printed, but the results will be less than optimum.
Special image retouching rates to our bulk and returning clients

*We have unique offers, discounts, gifts or even freebies for our return users and for volume orders.
We will provide you 15% OFF if your order is over just $300.
*Note, when you’ve used Forever Frozen Moments image fixing services and been a regular client within six months and even more, and had over $1500 total,
you will get 30% discount for your next order.
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